............Osaka's ONLY 100% American Craft Beer Bar!...............

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毎週の金曜日 6-11:00pm Open Every Friday 6-11:00pm

Great American Craft Beer from Great American Craft Brewers! Only 4 Stations from Nanba On Pink Line!!!

Beer Menu


American Pints 500ml

¥850~ (¥700~  6-7:00pm)

Snifter Glass


British Half Pint 280ml




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Food Menu (rotates nightly)

Big juicy hamburgers!

 -Imazato Mega Hamburger  ¥850

-Mega Cheeseburgers        ¥950

-Mega Cheesy Pesto Burger       ¥1000


Pizza Hand Thrown!

-Smoked Bacon and Tomato

-BBQ Bacon and Tomato


-Sausage and Tomato


-Meat Lovers Delight

-Tomato and Fried Onion








1-25-13 OImazato Nishi, Higashinari Ku Osaka


一つ目の角を左へ。 左手に消防署、右手にビルが見えます。


Subway: Imazato
Seninchmaesen (Pink Line) or Imazato Suji sen(Orange line)
Exit #8 and do a U-turn to the left.
Look for the 4 story building with a big antenna on top.

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